Sunday, October 17, 2010

Haircuts and heavy loads

After much himming and hawing, Erika finally decided to chop her hair off Friday night. I must say it looks rather good. She certainly thinks so, and is having no end of fun tossing her head and using headbands to make the get-up even cuter.

Plus, her 11 inches of hair has been donated to worthier causes than Erika griping about how unpleasant it is dealing with her hair every day.

While her head may be lighter, or respective work/school loads have only gotten heavier this month. Erika's taking on a few extra hours a week at her bookkeeping job. She gets paid really well, so it's a welcome income bonus.

Meanwhile I'm still slugging away at UVU, working at Utah Community Credit Union, and covering games for both the Daily Herald and the UVU Review.

I may be transferring from the Pleasant Grove branch of UCCU so I can get morning hours that better suit the rest of my obligations. I'm up for a morning position at the Springville branch as well as a Titles Clerk position at the BYU Stadium branch (next to the football stadium)

Speaking of football, the Herald is bringing me along to help cover the BYU-UNLV game on November 6. I'm very excited to get in that atmosphere again -- even if the Cougars are no longer contenders.