Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Culinary Experiments Cont.

My sister's bridal shower is tomorrow and I decided to make chocolate covered strawberries. I've never done it before and I had a lot of fun with the mini Crockpot.

Matt was sitting at the counter watching me. He had a hard time not eating some of his favorite items. At least he got to taste test a few. He approved, so I count the experiment a success. Not to mention, they're rather pretty.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's a girl...TURTLE!!!!

As Erika teasingly alluded earlier, there is a new member of the Petersen household - Lechuga, the painted turtle. Lechuga is a Spanish word that means, "lettuce." We chose it for several reasons: 1) it sounds cool 2) it was the first Spanish word I ever learned thanks to my food-serving mother and 3) it rhymes with the Spanish word for turtle (tortuga). So yes, we have Lechuga la tortuga (Lettuce the turtle).

She is a Western painted turtle. A turtle of the aquatic variety, Lechuga spends most of her time swimming in her new (and bigger) aquarium home. Occasionally she will climb up on her artificial dock or natural rock to bask under the lamp, as reptiles need provided warmth to maintain their energy. She will only do it when a) we don't move for a long time or b) we're not home. She's a shy turtle and feels safe in the water. To make sure she gets enough heat, we take her outside every few days or so to get some natural sunlight and wander around in the grass.

She has improved immensely, though. She no longer hides in her little cave if we approach the tank, because she knows odds are we're feeding her. Knowing this, she's comfortable keeping her head above water.

Erika loves watching Lechuga swim and is always on the lookout for random cute things she does (basking, getting startled by the filter's waterfall, etc). She talks and feeds Lechuga, and not surprisingly our turtle seems more comfortable around Erika than me. I'm fully confident this isnot a foreshadowing of how things will go our actual future children.

An aerial shot of Lechuga the Tortuga.

A painted turtle, Lechuga is quite colorful, especially on her underside.

"Please, no pictures."

She's never boring, always swimming, and quite cute to look at.


My little sister Emily graduated from high school at the end of May. Matt and I went down to Arizona to see her walk and give her speech. The Senior Class President did fabulous in front of thousands of people. She gave an amazing speech and looked beautiful.

Along with that trip, Emily went skydiving as a graduation present and it was one of the coolest things to watch. Watching the parachutes float through the sky was beautiful. She had a blast with it.

And all of this was going on at the same time as the Phoenix vs. Lakers finals, my Dad and Sue were amazing and decided to take my die-hard husband and I to game 6. The atmosphere of that game was absolutely incredible! Every single person in the stadium was given a free Suns shirt to wear for an Orange-Out. Matt was ecstatic and then heartbroken when his Suns lost.

At the end of May, my older sister Crystalee got engaged. So know we're excited for an August Utah wedding.

In June we celebrated my birthday with a fun date night and ice cream. Matt gave me a copy of Peter Pan which I absolutely love.

Matt started summer classes and I started babysitting part-time. So, we've been busy--Matt with three summer classes and me chasing around a 2 year-old while holding a 9 month-old in my arms. It's been kinda tiring.

The Fourth of July was extremely fun. Both my Mom and Dad were in town and it was good to spend some time with them. We did fireworks with my cousins, and Matt and I turned into the unofficial fire-marshals, making sure fireworks weren't thrown in the vicinity of people...which surprisingly happened a lot. But lots of barbecues and delicious food.

We went to the little Provo fair on Monday. I loved it. I always love walking around and seeing all the random things people are selling. Not to mention I found some really cute headbands I'm excited about.

And then we also have some exciting news about an addition to the family, but Matt will write more about that later.