Friday, May 21, 2010

Guess What!

So, the big news of this post is...I got into the Masters program at BYU! Starting at the end of August, I will be in the Masters of Accountancy program. And I am extremely excited about it! Currently, it's (I believe) the #1 program in the US. I still can't believe I got was kind of a shock.

My birthday is in two weeks and I got my birthday present early...decorations! And by that I mean fake vines and fake flowers. They ended up on top of the cupboards and on our wall shelves. I got really excited to put them up and add some color to our apartment.

Here's a close up of the flowers...they aren't as noticeable in the previous pictures. I love how bright they are.

Speaking of color, my wonderful husband randomly got me these beautiful flowers (real ones). I really like bright cheerful colors, so these were perfect after a long day.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

As whimsic as the Utah weather

So I (Matt) am befuddled by this Utah weather. Last Saturday I was covering a charity football game between high school seniors and their coaches, and earned my first sunburn of 2010 (I said on Facebook that I was sunburned, but not nearly as badly as the Spurs).

Yesterday, a mere two days after my skin-darkening experience, I get an e-mail from my editor saying this week's softball/baseball playoff games could be postponed due to 90-percent precipitation. What's up with this? It's May!

Anyway, if/when the rain eventually does stop, I'll be sure to wear sunscreen in the future.

While I've been writing (and watching the playoffs), Erika's been working at her bookkeeping job part-time. It's nice and low-key, which is good, 'cause she doesn't come home with the typical SFWS (Stressed From Work Syndrome).

We did our once-a-month "expensive" date last Friday, getting lunch at our mutually favorite place, Olive Garden. I stayed within my comfort zone and got a pepperoni pizza, while Erika got some Italian looking dish. Weird, I know.

Since we don't live close to our moms, we called them on Mother's Day. Believe it or not, my mom didn't weep over her long-distance, married son (I quote her: "Erika doesn't need to talk to me to earn points. She's putting up with you, and that earns plenty of points with me.")

That Sunday morning, Erika's boss invited us over to have lunch with her and her family. Given that we don't have a porch in our apartment to house a grill, those hamburgers were awfully good for this meat-loving guy.

Last time Erika wrote, she mentioned how school was over for her. What she hasn't mentioned since then are her grades -- all B-pluses! In the number one accounting school in the nation! Crazy awesome. The only person disappointed was, you guessed it, Erika (I think her obsession with Harry Potter has made her more like Hermione Granger than she realizes).

As for me, the BYU rejectee, my classes at Utah Valley University start late June. I'm pretty stoked to be done with my NAU online classes and get back in a classroom so the teacher can remind me of assignments instead of me.

Well, that's all for now. We'll be going to AZ in a couple weeks for Erika's sister's graduation. Looking forward to the more predictable weather, and maybe a chance to swim. Ciao, y'all.