Friday, May 21, 2010

Guess What!

So, the big news of this post is...I got into the Masters program at BYU! Starting at the end of August, I will be in the Masters of Accountancy program. And I am extremely excited about it! Currently, it's (I believe) the #1 program in the US. I still can't believe I got was kind of a shock.

My birthday is in two weeks and I got my birthday present early...decorations! And by that I mean fake vines and fake flowers. They ended up on top of the cupboards and on our wall shelves. I got really excited to put them up and add some color to our apartment.

Here's a close up of the flowers...they aren't as noticeable in the previous pictures. I love how bright they are.

Speaking of color, my wonderful husband randomly got me these beautiful flowers (real ones). I really like bright cheerful colors, so these were perfect after a long day.