Friday, January 14, 2011


So, I realize that we haven't posted in quite a long while. So here's the catch-up.


Halloween was the major event. I wasn't sure if Matt really wanted to be Woody and Jesse from Toy Story, so I procrastinated making our costumes until 2 hours before our ward's trunk-or-treat. So the end result definitely wasn't as polished as it could have been, but I still had fun with it. Thanks Dawn for the Joann's gift card so I could get the material!


This month I decided to attempt a gluten-free trial. Surprisingly enough, I actually stuck to it this time, and discovered, that I am sensitive, if not allergic, to gluten. This requires me to get a lot more creative when it comes to meal times. But so far, I've done pretty well, and I feel a whole lot better.

We spent Thanksgiving with my Kau and Pannell cousins in Provo. We ate delicious food until we could eat no more, and then lounged around talking with everyone. It was a really fun and relaxing holiday.


December brought the end of the semester for both of us. Lots of stress, lots of studying, and finally relief once it was all over.

Our anniversary was on a Sunday, so we celebrated on Saturday with a nice restaurant, Temple Square Christmas lights, and Tangled....which turned out to be adorable. It's kinda strange that we've been married for an entire year already. The time went very quickly.

We celebrated our Petersen Christmas on our anniversary, since we went down to Arizona for the 25th itself. We had our little 4 foot tree decorated with white lights and Christmas ornaments we've been collecting over the years. We opened our presents...which took a very small amount of time, and then enjoyed them for the next couple hours before we had church. So naturally, I settled into my new Chronicles of Narnia series, and Matt started a new video game.

We spent 4 days in Arizona--that's all our work schedules would allow--between our 3 sets of parents. It was a busy 4 days, but it was great to see our families again. We had Christmas Eve with Matt's family where the highlight was a spontaneous nerf-gun war...SO entertaining. And then Christmas was split between my family. It was warm, and wonderful to see our families after we'd been in Utah for so long.


January means the start of school again. We had a scare with Matt's tuition. He missed a deadline for applying for Utah residency, and his application was denied. We went to an appeal, and luckily they granted our request. So Matt is a Utah Resident. I am a secretary at a local CPA firm along with my previous bookkeeping job. And both of us are in school full-time.

So, life is good.

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