Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Economic Adventures

With the thrill of our European honeymoon behind us and a tight budget in front of us, we've unearthed our creativeness to have fun(ny), wallet-friendly adventures. This has made for some good laughs and photos.

With Utah finally realizing it's April, we went on a picnic last Saturday. That delicious fruit salad was made by Yours Truly (take that, Mom), while Erika made some sandwiches and muffins.

Even Erika was overwhelmed by the deliciousness of my fruit salad.

This is Reporter Petersen at a jam-packed high school softball game. It was pretty depressing. The final score was 16-3, but amazingly, the story was the lead on the sports section of the Herald. So yeah, this is how I roll.

Funny story. Erika has come with me to three games. The games she comes to are always cold, windy and miserable. When she doesn't come, it's a warm, beautiful day. As you can see, she tries to tough it out by wearing my sweatshirt I keep in the car for emergency situations such as this.

Erika occasionally takes indoor, self-entertainment to new heights. If you weren't able to tell, these are dominoes arranged to look like a flower. It was hard to tell whether Erika had more fun making the flower or starting the domino chain.

If you look at the previous pictures, it's obvious I was getting close to Beatles territory. To save money, we borrowed clippers from some neighbors and Erika had a go at her first barber job. After the attempt, we just buzzed the whole enchilada with a number three. Erika actually did a good job -- it's just my awkwardly shaped head makes minimal errors show up in an obvious manner.

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