Saturday, April 17, 2010

Summer Crafting.

I've spent this morning looking up fun crafting ideas for summer projects. I think I'm decided on an apron of some sort. Probably similar to one of these that I found on
I love the trees on this one and how it's fitted.

Sweet red apples and vintage stripes apron with leafy green trim - classy side pockets and it's reversible for women or that special teacher

And I like how simple but cute this one is.

Secret Garden Half Apron

And I think this style is adorable, but it's only half an apron...that only solves half the problem of messy cooking.

And then I found these adorable fabric purses.

Hidden Melodies

I think part of my draw to crafting is I just want to know if I can do it. That's why I made my quilt. I just want to a couple fun projects this summer that I can be excited about.


  1. Will you guys still be in Provo this summer?? If so, we should have crafting parties while the guys do something sporty... I guess basketball is close to being done so we have limited time... :)

  2. We will absolutely be in Provo, and that sounds like so much fun! And nah, they'll be playing basketball all summer