Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'Notha day, 'notha dollar. No, really

It's a busy week for both of us. Erika is studying/stressing for finals, and I'm watching/stressing through the lead-up to the Finals...the NBA Finals that is. Suns dropped Game 1, and this AZ boy was not thrilled. Wrote a piece that got a lot of feedback, though.

Speaking of writing, I'm doing double-duty with the Daily Herald and Examiner.com covering Utah high school sports. Both are part-time, and since the rights to the articles are mine, I can double-dip a single article. It's a good deal that gives us a little extra cash, something my accounting-major wife is always monitoring.

Erika's not just dollars and cents, though. She's also got home-making sense, as the following pictures demonstrate...

The above is a symmetrical (Erika was insistent upon it) photo display of our various adventures to other countries. We're hoping this expands over time.

The Kitchen, Part One: The only thing I had to do with the kitchen decor was the crown jewel: the basketball-themed calendar.

The Kitchen, Part Two: Erika likes pictures, and they do give me a reason to occasionally enter the kitchen. That's a lie. I make some exquisite Mac & Cheese and pasta-from-a-bag.

Most of you know newly-weds don't have a dining room...they have a dining corner. I think ours is pretty nice. The glass bowl contains seashells from Spain. The table was a product of my mom's creative genius.

Those shelves were a pain to 1) get on the wall at all and 2) get them parallel enough for Erika. I broke my own personal record for most time using a hammer, though. She's taking my mom's plea to make me a manly man seriously.

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  1. Matt, Erika, this is so cute. I love your little apartment. Wish we lived closer so I could come visit. Looks like you guys are keeping busy though.